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Expert in Executive Coaching, Operations and Business Performance, Strategy Intervention and Corporate Consulting Services.

Business Performance Consulting

Diagnose before you prescribe

Business Performance Consulting

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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Elevate clarity, performance and presence

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

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Strategic Interventions

Shift obstacles & redefine strategies

Strategic Interventions

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Women's Leadership

Build confidence, presence, resilience, and impact

Women's Leadership

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Behaviour Assessments

Behaviour Profiling

Behaviour Assessments

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Business Performance


Operational Assessment
Strategic repositioning
Performance Analysis
Change Leadership

Business Performance

Partner with PRC to unpack complex problems and achieve extraordinary results.  Build capacity to enhance communication and connection with teams and stakeholders.

PRC help you assess and understand your core issues and business needs; a core part in finding solutions and delivery outcomes.

Creating high performing teams and ensuring the systems, processes, and people align with your business are part of what we do.  Defining the routines, operating rhythms, and culture that systemically brings performance are skills we offer.

Let PRC facilitate impactful change, workshop solutions, or step into your business to work alongside you to coach performance.  

Executive Coaching

& Mentoring

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Work 1-on-1 with an experienced coach  to support, navigate challenges, accelerate success, and achieve unprecedented results. 

Break through limitations.

Elevate and enable a shift in mindsets to impact performance and create meaningful outcomes. 

Strengthen accountability and productivity, which can flow into teams.

Build confidence and presence whilst uncovering personal values and learning preferences to achieve goals to build belief. 

In each of our coaching packages, we will help you:

  • Get crystal clear on the changes you want to make
  • Increase purpose, clarity and direction
  • Release negative beliefs or emotions holding you back
  • Create a clear and detailed plan to achieve a specific goal
  • Develop strategies to handle your identified challenges
  • Increase confidence and self belief around your goals


PRC offers three packages which can be tailored for any coaching engagement.  All packages include:

  • Flexible tailored hours
  • Coaching tools
  • Free email and text support during the coaching period


A 3-month program designed to drive momentum or get a project on track.  Aimed to overcome obstacles that keep individuals from accomplishing their goals and dreams. 

This includes 6 hours of tailored sessions.


A 6-month program designed to enable a shift in role and pace, stepping into something new and different, or driving towards a significant change.  

Up-skilling to engage, succeed, and thrive in any role is a key expertise.  This program can be tailored to build presence, create impact, confidence, resilience and effectiveness. 

This includes 9 hours of tailored sessions.


PRCs 12-month package is designed to create a lasting and impactful outcome in a leader and grow their ability to influence performance.  Time to truly understand value drivers and motivators in self and others with a focus to deliver unprecedented outcomes.

This includes 24 hours of tailored sessions.

Strategic Intervention

Deliberate Coaching

Problem Solving
Action Plan

Strategic Intervention

This 2-hour session is designed to be focused, fast, and framing. 

A strategic conversation to unpick the obstacle, clarify the goal and enable an intervention that rapidly moves progress into the desired path.

Women's Leadership

Elevate Impact

Empowering Strategies

Women’s Leadership

Leading from experience.  Words from the founder. 

Finding your presence and leaning in, will shift your impact and team dynamics.  

I started my career in engineering and manufacturing in the late eighties. It has been a wild ride scattered with challenges, learnings, rough times, and worthwhile successes.  As a woman, the lack of role models made the journey difficult, but not impossible.  With a high degree of determination and tolerance deemed unacceptable today, I persisted. I was blessed with fabulous mentors and supporters along the way that opened doors and showed me how to navigate each phase of my career.

My journey was made possible by male champions of change and other aspiring women peers.  My time in Chicago refining operations was instrumental in experiencing how ‘women helping women’ to lead and succeed made a difference; particularly in male-dominated manufacturing cultures.

I am forever grateful to the men and women who believed in me sufficiently to support my dreams and shine light on opportunities that I may never have found the courage to brave alone.

Since then, I have deliberately  invested my time to mentor and up-skill women in a variety ways.  I have lead diversity programs at sites, challenged leaders to take on a mentor role, and spoken at functions.  Having role models and strategies can accelerate success.  Changing mindsets, understanding the issues and behaviours that keep women stuck, and unpicking the patterns of language that reduce impact, are some of the intervention opportunities.

The key to real diversity, is to empower men and women to bring their uniqueness, gender, cultural experiences and ideas to the table.  Change the status quo and create a new perspective!

Contact  PRC to help un-tap this potential in your teams.

“There are no limits to what we, as women, can accomplish”  – Michelle Obama


Behaviour Assessments

DISC ADVANCED Behaviour Profiling

Individual Profiles
Teams Assessments & Workshops
Leadership Insights
Self awareness, team building, connection, rapport

Behaviour Assessments

PRC offers accredited DISC ADVANCE Assessments as a basis for team building and coaching leaders to create better understanding of self and rapport with others.  These are skills fundamentals to business, management, personal relationship and every day life. 

We provide individual assessments that are stored in our database.  Using these profiles, we can create paired and team assessment reports to enable group coaching and DISC related team workshops. 

Reach out to connect and work with us.

"Where focus goes, energy flows"