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Simplify – You can’t fill a cup that is already full!

The year is coming to an end with the annual ramp-up, chaos and energy to finish things and flop into a break. However, ‘a pause does not a refresh make’.

In the coaching space, my mantra is Simplify, Specify, Amplify. It is unquestionably valuable to take deliberate time to Simplify; to break down the clutter and noise and edit things out of your life that no longer serve your goals and soul. Stop the cycle of continuous never-ending additions to the to-do, to-be, and to-have list. To honour the achievements of the year that’s passed and let things go.

Recently I noticed the amount of energy I wasted in thinking about the lack of light in my office and the old boxes of past papers. Releasing diaries and workbooks circa 2000s was super cathartic and painting the walls white was refreshing. A spectacular blank canvas was created to launch into the next chapter.

As the classic line from the movie Avatar states….’ you can’t fill a cup that is already full’. The capacity to intentionally unlearn, clear, and take stock of what we carry as expectations, emotions, and activities is just as important as learning and deciding what to do. So often, we are unconsciously full.

Imagine if you decided to simplify some aspects of your world. Clean your spaces, clear your mind…your heart.

A simple strategy is to ask yourself 3 questions:

What is holding me back in time, emotion, and joy right now?
How is holding onto this serving me?
What does simplification make possible?

Pick out aspects of life you wish to take forward and edit the rest – without regret. Make what you choose relevant and purposeful.

Decluttering of spaces and mindsets is easier to do for or with another than for self. It’s not unique, just part of our human condition that we have blind spots and attachments.

Let’s talk if you need coaching. Reach out if you’re committed to making the next year or project easier, better, or extraordinary and you seek support and accountability. I can help with getting unstuck, changing gears, or embarking on a transformational shift.

Start your new year with confidence and space. Where will simplification start for you?

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Maribel Pegler

Maribel Pegler